women's wear daily : march 16, 2001

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Vintage Shops Thrive Online

... Madeline Meyerowitz, owner of vintage site enokiworld.com, contended that the Web is big enough to accomodate both 'indie' and 'marketplace' e-commerce models, given the diversity of vintage consumers. "Right now everyone is jumping on the vintage bandwagon," said Meyerowitz. "Some people are drawn to it because there's shock value to wearing it, others because it's a mass commodity, or simply because they can't afford the new version. Item-specific consumers and cheap people will stick to eBay." Meyerowitz lamented the fact that too many vintage shoppers tend to gravitate to the usual suspects - Gucci, Pucci, et al. - while remaining oblivious to brilliant but less recognized designers like Bonnie Cashin. Consequently, Meyerowitz pointed out, vintage status fluctuates according to the current cachet of the designer in question. "No one wants to touch Halston right now, because of the current direction the house is taking," she said.