The Washington Post : February 25, 2007

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Q : My wife loves vintage apparel and accessories. The problem is that, while I have a pretty good idea of the things she likes, I don't have the time to shop at vintage stores. Are there places on the Web to find these items?

-- Dan S., Stafford

A : There's always eBay, but for less-savvy shoppers, that Web site can be surprisingly tricky to navigate. "Vintage" has become such a buzzword that unless you know exactly which designers and styles your wife likes, you can spend hours scrolling through pages of spanking-new "vintage inspired" geegaws -- and end up with something you could have bought at Target for a lot less.

That in mind, eBay's staggering selection certainly makes it worth a stop. I'd recommend Enokiworld ( carries tough-to-find designer clothes by the likes of Stephen Sprouse, Ossie Clark and Zandra Rhodes, plus bags and shoes from such pricey purveyors as Herm¸s, Gucci and Bottega Veneta. The offerings may be limited, but fashion insiders are likely to covet every piece.

-- Suzanne D'Amato