st. louis : may 2003

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Rare Vintage

Looking for high-end vintage clothes like those you see on these pages? Try enokiworld (, a company that sells high-end vintage fashions on the web. Though the company has been based in St. Louis since it opened in 1999, it has no local storefront and very few St. Louis customers. "I think maybe we've had four St. Louis customers in four years," says enokiworld co-owner Madeline Meyerowitz.

Though Meyerowitz had no background in the fashion industry when she started the company, she has been in love with fashion since she was growing up in New York City. "I had a very flamboyant older brother, and he was a big influence on me," Meyerowitz says. "He would drag me into Bloomingdale's, put me in the highest heels when I was 13 years old. Steal my parents' credit cards to buy me clothes. It was fun - not for my parents, of course, but it sure was fun for us."

When Meyerowitz moved to St. Louis four years ago, she was immediately frustrated at the clothes she found here. Not only are lines such as Marc Jacobs not available in St. Louis, there was no place to find high-end vintage. If I want Halston, I'm going to have Halston, she thought to herself. She found it elsewhere, plus more in the closets of St. Louis' more adventurous well-to-do women.

Then she started enokiworld, and has since sold vintage pieces ranging from $40 to $4000 to customers in New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo as well as selling to all the big fashion houses. The site has "something for everyone," Meyerowitz says, and takes returns for any reason.

To supplement the vintage she sells on enokiworld, Meyerowitz also sells modern high-end designers on sister site enokiland.

- Elaine Grant

Photography by Clyde Thomas. Modeled by Angela of Centro. Hair and makeup Priscilla Case. Styled by Kristin Morse and Madeline Meyerowitz. Clothing supplied by enokiworld and enokiland.

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