the pop up shop emilio pucci silk jersey dress
very pretty in pink the bodice
the gilded belt fobs the back
the fabric
era : 1970s
designer : Emilio Pucci
fabric : silk jersey

The word 'vintage' means different things to different people and trust us, we have heard them all. From images of polyester leisure suits and poodle skirts to nothing but Pucci, not everyone is interested in the evolution of dress or the designers who influenced all contemporary fashion. We're information whores, we soak that stuff up like sponges. We are also champions of originality, saving our pennies for originals instead of throwing down for knockoffs. If it's going to look like an Eames chair, it is going to BE an Eames chair. It won't be a Halston wannabe, it will be a Halston. And for iconic prints, Pucci is one of the first places we're headed, along with Marimekko. Everyone knows Pucci. Everyone asks about Pucci. When Pucci regained massive popularity 15 or so years ago, we wondered what the impact would be for vintage Pucci. The company was true to Emilio and you really couldn't tell much of a difference between the vintage and the new but you could feel it. The fabric was not quite the same, the prints were different and of course, none of it was created under the watchful eye of Emilio Pucci himself. So you go back to that is it live or or is it Memorex thing? Vintage Pucci is the only vintage for many and deservedly so. Fantastic color, print, cut. A short-sleeved shirtdress of springy silk jersey with a signature gilt-tassled belt. Greek key-esque, the background is the softest shade of pink, almost white, with a magenta and bubble gum print. Gorgeous with knee-high gladiator sandals and a very smooth ponytail, you clearly will not find this cut or print in modern Pucci. Nor will you find this condition very often in vintage Pucci. Bust 36", shoulder to shoulder 14.5", mouter sleeve 11.5", waist 27" and length 47.5". Excellent, if not flawless, condition. $865.00

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