the pop up shop printed georgette dress with keyhole neckline
always happy the silhouette unbelted
tiny pockets the buttons
the back
era : 1970s
designer : Marimekko
fabric : cotton

Zoloft, St. John's Wort, UV therapy - there is no better anti-depressant than Marimekko. Can you imagine sitting in a chair covered with vintage Marimekko fabric, like a forlorn vintage romance comic, whining about your loneliness? Marimekko IS UV therapy and sunshine works wonders on the blackest of moods. You just have to get in it. A bright sky blue, green and white vertical ministripe dress in a very un-American silhouette. We all like our clothes bodycon but there is plenty to be said for a slightly above-the-knee trapeze worn with cropped white leggings and barely there sandals. You can belt it sometimes, sure, but it has a charm unparalleled worn as is. Gathered yoke and wide sleeves to roll, there is a staggered row of itsy bitsy teeny weeny pockets next to the steel-buttoned placket. Classic, happy, Scandinavian fabulousness. And when you take it off at night, you can get back in your sad chair and cry. It's okay. Sized for a modern 4 to 12, it is 40" long and in excellent conditon. The Guatemalan tapestry belt is not included but available separately. Just shoot us an email. $305.00

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