the pop up shop kenzo dress with cowl/hood
please. that is the best dress evah the bodice
the back the cowl
simply red and white
era : 1970s
designer : Kenzo
fabric : cotton

(To be read in a disgusted/delighted Valley Girl voice) O.M.G. Vintage Kenzo is totes fabulous! Wraps, cowls, intentionally uneven buttons... they all lend themselves to a charming way of dressing that leaves the look entirely up to you and not just the designer. You can certainly customize a rigid suit to an extent by changing out the print of the blouse and the shoes but with pieces that have oodles of fabric, you can't beat getting it your way. Kenzo's wonderful cotton jersey dress in a tiny red and white wildflower print with a crazy-long cowl that can be raised up as a tight hood. Cropped kimono sleeves and a high kangaroo pocket that sits right under the breasts, this is great belted with a triple buckle corselette paired with Henry Beguelin sandals. Marni bag from about 2004 - you know, the one with the printed squirrels? Yeah! Designed for his Jap label, the bust measures 34", hips 36" and length 36". There is no such thing as bad Kenzo Jap in our opinion. ALL of those dresses are absolutely amazing. Excellent condition. $490.00

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