the pop up shop mountain artisans patchwork pinafore
that's some boho chic at its most luxe the bodice
the back handpieced baby
era : 1970s
designer : Mountain Artisans
fabric : cotton/cotton blend

Mountain Artisans was the Project Alabama of their day; little Southern ladies doing their thing with very cosmopolitan city girls directing them in ways they never would have visualized on their own. So you've got traditional craftspeople doing untraditional stuff. Winning several Coty awards in their day, the Artisans put together oddball colors and patterns in new ways under the direction of Dorothy Weatherford. These native quilters worked their butts off to make a hobby a lucrative source to sustain the local community long before it was trendy. Everyone from Donald Brooks to Oscar de la Renta bought their fabrics but they also designed their own line of clothing, duh. Mountain Artisans' clothing has serious heart and soul. This probably had a calico button-down shirt to go underneath but come on, talk about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We like authentic styling to some extent but trying to sit on a tumbleweed in stiletto gladiator sandals isn't what we have in mind. Go to Nordstrom and buy a Kenzie tube top in the lingerie department. That's it. Lots of shoulder, the curve of breast and all that gorgeous patchwork. Step into the skirt, slide your arms in, tie the bow at the nape, snap the waist and that's it. You could potentially rock a turtleneck under it in the cooler months but be careful not to do the curled tendril hairdo or raindrops really will keep falling on your head. Split tulip hem in back, there are patch pockets over each hip. This is one of those things where your own personal styling can go WAY outside of the box. Bust free, waist 28" and length 53". Excellent condition. $645.00

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