the pop up shop elsa schiaparelli jewelry roll
you do not just throw jewelry in the bottom of a bag ES
the interior
era : 1960s
designer : Elsa Schiaparelli
fabric : satin

Elsa Schiaparelli was probably one of the first designers to jump off with licensing agreements. She claimed fuchsia satin like a crack-addicted ho and kept her legacy alive until her death in 1973. And while it is certainly not Peggy Guggenheim's lobster dress, it is a charming way to get the job done. Seriously, sister, when you are off to San Francisco for a weekend, you don't just take the jewelry you're wearing. Yeesh. And you certainly do NOT throw other choices in the bottom of your bag. Think about it, airport security is going to make you take all that stuff off anyway. A baby blue and fuchsia satin jewelry roll that closes with two oh-so-delicate ribbons. Lined in baby pink cotton flannel, there are six open pockets for lovelies like Elsa Peretti heart earrings and stacks and stacks of gold rings and a zippered pocket for bigger pieces. 7.25" wide when closed, it is in flawless, unused condition with the box having taken all the hits. $80.00

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