the pop up shop saks satin travel pill case
the days when every last accessory had to be decorative peeky weeky
the weekend is gone
era : 1960s
designer : Saks Fifth Avenue
fabric : satin/plastic

You know that photo of Patty Duke, as Neely O'Hara in Valley of the Dolls, reaching out for the giant bottle of 'little red pills'? Damn, living with a drug addict is no fun but it sure is entertaining from a distance. Like, how glamorous to be flying high on uppers with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth and teased hair in Pucci silk jersey? Take that back, all that sounds good is the vintage Pucci. Better living through pharmaceuticals is not a modern thing - we bet your mom was fucked up on Dexedrine that her doctor gave her to help her take off the last of the baby weight. You might have been fucked up on Dexedrine in utero. Take a pill to make better brownies, to deal with your mother-in-law, to clean the linen closet, to pay the maid, to ask your husband for money, to get your bra closed. Pills for everything, wheeeeeeeee!! Not home? No worries. You can take all of mother's little helpers with you in a baby blue satin case from Saks. Clearly marked "Pills", it gets rather specific; "For sleep" "For pep" "For ??" and the best one of all, "For fun!". The only thing that leaves you wondering is why there are only five bottles. Are you supposed to be so out of your head by Friday that it lasts all weekend? About 6.25" wide, it is unused but the outside is slightly soiled. An epic relic, fer sher. Did I just type that? I need the pills with the question marks, clearly. $40.00

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