the pop up shop embroidered satin jewelry pouch
even more pink is for girls
inside les fleurs
era : 1960s
designer : n/a
fabric : satin

You know why pink is for girls? It is the world's way of telling men to keep their hairy hands off your cute stuff. Straight men, anyway. Gay men can rifle through our jewelry drawers anytime. Try it on. Twirl. You want to what? Borrow my Cara Croninger resin necklace? Ehhhh, nevermind. Put it down. Jewelry is what makes a black dress not a black dress anymore. It's creative punctuation in an otherwise proper sentence. And when you leave home for a night or two, you want choices with you. All tucked in a vintage pink satin drawstring pouch, embroidred with sage leaves. Eight tiny interior pockets with a central open part, it's a little doll of a case. About 5" wide across the bottom when closed, it is in excellent condition. $25.00

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