the pop up shop pour le rouge lipstick hankie
red, of course
era : 1950s
designer : n/a
fabric : cotton voile

Objects are not the only thing that are fading from our cultural landscape. Along with objects are the rituals that go with them. Everything is utilitarian, disposable, undesigned at the mainstream level. But fifty years ago, small things were thoughtfully designed. Things that were meant to be used again and again. When a woman put on lipstick with a mirror that she always kept in her bag, she didn't blot with a tissue that she'd throw away. She would blot the excess with a handkerchief. So think about it, does the husband's white handkerchief make sense? No, your lips were red and so was your blotting hankie. A charming cotton voile version with an illustrated woman, face turned up to a butterfly alighting on her perfectly pouty lips. Maybe Grandma loved Revlon's 'Cherries in the Snow' and you love Lorac "True Red". Some things should change but some things should stay the same. 8.25" square, it is in flawless, unused condition. $45.00

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