the pop up shop martha lorraine retractable tweezers
pink is for girls
era : 1950s
designer : Martha Lorraine
fabric : plastic

So you're sitting at a red light in whatever the hell you're driving, singing along to Meghan Trainor's "Lips are Movin'" and you reach up to touch your face. Lightly. Maybe you have a little strand of hair tickling your chin because you're rolling with the windows down - gorgeous day. But something tiny catches the attention of your index fingertip. A chin hair? You tip your head back to lower the vanity mirror on the visor and sure enough - you've sprouted a premenopausal hair where there was none before. American Horror Story!!! You snap to when the car behind you honks to alert you that, hello, the light has indeed turned green. You press on the gas but your finger is on that hair. You're obsessed. There is no way in hell you're going to talk to anyone - not even the guy at BP - with a Redwood growing from your chin. A BLACK Redwood! Tweezers. It must be yanked now. Those little Sephora travel tweezers? Please. Those couldn't grip a sheet of paper, much less a hair. Besides, what if you had an actual guy in your car and he noticed that you have tweezers? Swarthy, much? You are an effortlessly hairless goddess. Oh no, this is some top secret shit, sister. What looks like a lip brush or maybe even a pen, Martha Lorraine's retractable pinchers will never betray your secret and look cute. Oh, and did we mention that they're effective? Push the Lucite button, the blades open and let go - doink! Gone! Excellent condition. $25.00

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