the pop up shop beaded "indian" coin purse
good old swag
era : 1970s
designer : n/a
fabric : leather/glass beads

You never really knew what prep went into a family vacation. Your parents made the decisions, the plans, paid for it, stressed over it - all you had to do was show up. No seat belts, you and your siblings would just heap into the backseat and kick the back of your parents' seats until someone reached behind and blind-slapped your legs. Those were good times. Niagara Falls. The Redwood Forest - it didn't matter where it was but you could bet on one thing, if there were trees, there was going to be Indian swag. Because city kids always associated nature with Indians. Indians, you got that right. Nobody differentiated tribes back then. There was no term, "native Americans" and the only thing you knew was the guy crying in the commercial over how everyone was littering. "They" were all the same. And they all still wore feather headdreses and deerskin loincloths. Don't tell the kids about corraling them on to 'reservations', let 'em think upstate NY was the Wild West. The souvenirs you get on vacation now are all from the same catalog sent by a guy named Dave in Flushing. Your Company Logo Here. When you were a kid, you'd get some really good swag on vacay. Beaded belts, made by hand. Necklaces, moccasins, coin pouches. Glass beads on very thin leather, it kinda makes you sad that everything now is such shit. Zippered top, you've got a man, a woman, a deer with antlers and a wigwam back and front (here comes the cease and desist letter for using that word). Okay fine, temporary canvas dwelling. 4" wide by 3" high, it is in excellent, unused condition. $40.00

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