the pop up shop leopard packable rain bonnet
OMG leppert roos
era : 1960s
designer : n/a
fabric : plastic

Anyone over 40 remembers these because your grandmother used one to protect that investment. A day at the beauty parlor (there was no 'salon' back then unless you were a French intellectual discussing Sartre) cost time and money. Sure, it was a gossipy good time under the dryer for eight hours while her teased hair baked to a crusty hardness that was supposed to last for seven days. NOTHING was going to come between her hairdo and trichomaniacal perfection. Hair spray was not enough of a protectant. Have you ever gotten hairspray wet? It is a mutational agent. That Baked Alaska sitting on her head had better stay dry. But this is not your clear version of yesteryear, piped in baby blue vinyl. No, this is Ronnie Spector/Amy Winehouse badassness in leopard plastic. Leopard, do you hear me? LEOPARD!! What a megascore! This one is branded by our now gone Leppert Roos here in St. Louis. Unused in its little leopard sleeve. Leopard? Oh, did we mention LEOPARD? Yes, I think we did. $30.00 and LEOPARD.

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