the pop up shop black novelty coin purse
we love cheap with essssspensive
era : 1960s
designer : n/a
fabric : vinyl

Stuff like this makes us squeal like pretty little pigs. Nothing like reaching in the bottom of some ridiculously expensive handbag to pull out some tacky little treasure. But SO tacky that it is beyond fabulous. So when you pull out the Rick Owens neck wallet (the one with the looooong strap) and it yanks out every other damn thing inside, you can prove to everyone that your ubercoolness runs down to your very marrow. We use these as headphone cases or you could put coins in it - but who the hell deals in cash anymore?! A big mouth vinyl pouch that snaps shut. Made in Hong Kong, yes, we are aware that it has racist overtones. Another sign of those times. White on the bottom, this is unlined. About 3.25" long, it is in excellent, unused condition. $15.00

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