the pop up shop hermes wine supple kelly
go big or go home the side
the gold hardware the clochette
the handle the stamp
the interior the bottom
era : 1978
designer : Hermes
fabric : leather

The beauty of an Hermes bag is that most provincial simps have no idea what you're carrying and that's a good thing. Let them sport their -one- Louis Vuitton bag day in and day out, because they have to get a killer ROI, while girls like us walk around with the smug knowledge that our bag is a vintage Hermes Kelly. Maybe Monday, all your things are jangling around in a Jamin Puech tote and Wednesday, your Kelly is what it's all about. Saturday, you're all Carine Roitfeld with no bag, phone and keys in your hand but you'll always go back to the Hermes, like that one boyfriend you'll never get over. Nice thing about a bag is you don't have to get over it so love it all you want - it will never break your heart. The wine is fabulous - the lines don't get lost quite like they do they do in black. 32cm "Supple" which has a squishier profile than the "Rigide" with polished gold hardware, the circled H stamp dates it to 1978. One zippered and two patch pockets inside, the bottom has brass feet. The removable strap is a retrofit, dating to 2009 and a perfect match (but that's how Hermes rolls). Clochette with two keys and matching lock, a girl has to care more about them stealing the bag than rifling through its contents. There are two schools of thought with vintage Hermes bags; One is the price. A new bag is obviously going to be expensive but if flawless is what you're after, that's the direction you need to take. The latter, to which we ascribe, is that a bag with patina is hipper, more louche. Do you want to spend thousands of dollars on a bag that you have to carry around in a glass box? If you are that concerned about preserving your bag, it kinda means you can't afford it. Stuff it, toss it on the car seat next to you -that- looks rich. Like you don't give a shit what it cost - it's a damn purse, after all. Excellent condition - the leather is very supple but there is some dye loss around the bends. Hermes in New York will polish your bag to near perfection. Again, a matter of taste. $4100.00

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