the pop up shop gucci enamelled lighter
gucci is pimpfabulous the gg
made in italy
era : 1960s
designer : Gucci
fabric : enamelled metal

There's something dirty and sexy about vintage Gucci that no other house can evoke. I don't think they ever intended to do it but they did. Like a Guy Bourdin photo of Jerry Hall in a satin teddy under a massive fox coat. That kind of dirty. Sexy dirty. Rich dirty. Any brassy spinner in a trailer park can be dirty but that's you-need-therapy dirty. Gimme Gucci dirty. A glace hobo perched on the shoulder of a suede coat with GG buttons with enamelled bracelets, keychains and lighter. Don't smoke? Who cares? Use it to light Esteban incense. Do bong hits with it. Pour gasoline on your ex's car and set that bad boy on fire a la Angela Bassett. Dark copper brown with signature green and red stripes, push down on the GG logo with your thumb and try to set the world on fiiiiiiiiiiiire. Bottom has a screw for refill - it works beautifully. Some minor scratches but otherwise excellent condition. $130.00

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