the pop up shop embroidered suede gloves
gloves are one of those truly dying things the flowers
era : 1960s
designer : n/a
fabric : suede

Gloves. Think about it. All they are now is something to keep your hands warm in winter. But gloves were a critical accessory for women for, like, ever. It's like the handwritten letter. The dial phone. The two martini-lunch. Let's all have a silent moment for the loss of a better time. You could still wear gloves but how will you be able to text? And you can't NOT text. Suits were made with bracelet length sleeves decades ago to accommodate gloves. Gloves! Sometimes they would still be nice when forced to shake hands with some yucky older dude who hasn't caught on to the fact that bald guys should shave the whole dang head. Like, a condom for your hands. Sure, shake any hand with a glove on and look good. Now it's shake and run off to find some hand sanitizer. Gorgeous, tissue thin brown suede gloves with very delicate pink roses trailing along the back of both hands. 12" from tip of the middle finger to end for size 6.5, the paper label inside is gone but it is our experience that these were always made in France. Even French dudes have icky hands sometimes. Excellent condition. $65.00

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