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era : 1960s
designer : Clairol
fabric : metal

When Brian Wilson wrote 'California Girls' on acid, do you think he was imagining Cheryl Tiegs wearing green lipstick? The Pink Daiquiri? Okay. Sunsweet Orange? Sure. But Lime Polish? Maybe by the time you've slathered that kisser in all three colors, you're just simply tawnylicious. Another thing we have always been cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs over is vintage beauty products. Do you have any conceivable clue what we would do for an unopened bottle of Lemon-Up or a pink Tickle deodorant? You wanna talk about a frenzy worse than any Wal-Mart Black Friday - you're going to have to KILL to get to the Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific before us. Saturday night, hangin' with the guys - they're drinking their bad beer in a can and you crack open this. Unfortunately you will only be able to do it once and we can't guarantee what's in there - our best guess would be something pretty freaking dry by now. It doesn't matter! It needs to sit in your medicine cabinet and make you happy when you see it. A litle rusty where the bottom is crimped but that's about the worst of it. $20.00

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