the pop up shop cartier sterling keychain
cartier is still the good stuff
wonder if they still honor the reward
era : 1940s
designer : Cartier
fabric : sterling silver

Cartier has preserved their reputation well over the years. When the NY flagship store moved over to the General Motors building recently for renovations to the mansion on 52nd, it was rumored they may not go back to 653 Fifth. And what an amazing building it is. The gazillionaire who had it built lived on the upper floors, while Cartier maintained its low-key luxe presence downstairs. Cartier even traded the space for a pricey pearl necklace (no ZZ Top jokes, okay?). 100 years in that spot. A century, for those who suck at math or flunked second grade. A sterling silver keychain with a rigid loop at top and tag, separated by a delicate sterling chain. The iconic reward/return tag, that is. Almost 6" long, putting a key on will be a commitment as a jeweller will have to open it. That's how much confidence Cartier had that it would be your permanent fob. It will come to you unpolished, slightly tarnished. Excellent condition with some allover minor scratches. $130.00

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