the pop up shop paloma picasso gold leather "xxx" belt
are you so fancy triple x
era : 1970s
designer : Paloma Picasso
fabric : leather/metal

Hello?! Has anyone noticed Iggy Azalea's clothing and accessories on her album cover? Pucci and Paloma Picasso. Being the young pup she is, she probably thinks the triple X buckle represents a lifetime supreme, exalted, mystic membership to pornhub but it's actually three kisses. That's okay, anyone who is seriously singing, "Fuck Love" is kinda cool in our book ("that love shit, i won't do it..."). A little sliver of gilded leather to wrap through hipster belt loops or over a Rick Owens jersey dress, it is .5" wide. Hidden prong closure, this will fit 30" to 32". Excellent condition in original sleeper. $105.00

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