the pop up shop costume national heeled kiltie pumps
high but doable a timeless heel
era : 1990s
designer : Costume National
fabric : leather

Platform heels are the bomb because you get all that lift without all the discomfort. Who on Earth is going to tell you heels are fun to wear - they're not so much but when you do sport the 4" shoe, it had better be hot. Costume National's classic heel that is not trendy, it's always going to be tough to tell exactly when these are from and that is synonymous with longevity. Pointed toe with black leather tassel, these rule with big-ass denim bells and a Rick Owens sheer tank. Black faux lace detail with kicky tassels, the platform is .5" - just right. Italian size 40, which translates to a contemporary 10. Excellent, worn condition. $210.00

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